Fink was first introduced in the second book of the series, The Runaway King. Jaron met Fink after he ran away from Drylliad disguised as Sage to go into Avenia to join the pirates. Sage/Jaron asked Fink where the preacher who had helped him when he was younger after escaping the pirates before was. Fink replied saying the preacher had been killed long ago by the now pirate king, Devlin. Later Jaron finds he was tricked and is captured and taken to a camp of thieves where Fink lives. Edit

Eventually Fink discovers Jaron's real agenda after Jaron is taken to the pirates and meets Imogen there, and he sends her and Fink off to get help. Fink helps Jaron escape when he goes off to make it rain on Roden. Edit

Later after Jaron defeats Roden in their sword fight he is taken to the castle to live with Jaron, as Jaron claims Fink is like a little brother to him and reminds him of himself when he was Sage. Edit

           In the Shadow Throne Tobias has been teaching Fink how to handle a sword and then gave Fink a wooden sword as a gift and for practice. Then, during the war, Fink got captured and put captive in the enemy camp. They questioned Fink for the battle plans of King Jaron and his armies, which he did.  Edit

Physical Description: Edit

He was sitting on the steps, playing with a rat, which he placed on his shoulder as he stood to greet me. Like most Avenian children he was little more than skin and bones, but he had a bright smile and dark blond hair, closer to the color mine had been when I’d dyed it as Sage. He looked to be ten or eleven, and wore clothes that hung crookedly on his thin frame. I wasn’t sure whether he’d stolen them or if they had been handed down from an older sibling. Regardless, they weren’t made for his body. The only exception was his shoes, which were in good repair and the exact size they should be.

His Personality Finks personality is that of you would find a naughty/cheeky young boy. He reminds Jaron on himself as an orphan child in Avenia. As in pickpocketing and having an attitude of the same as jarons