Imogen Eckbert
Age 15
Occupation Queen of Carthya
Home Drylliad, Carthya
Gender Female
Appearances The False Prince
The Runaway King
The Shadow Throne

Imogen was Connors maid/servant


Imogen is the daughter of a widowed woman whom Conner had proposed marriage but she turned him away because she still loved her deceased husband. As revenge, Conner raised the rent on her family's home, putting them deep in debt to him. In order to pay off their debt, Imogen came to Farthenwood to work for him as a servant.

Conner had intended to marry Imogen, so to turn his attention away, Imogen pretended to be mute. Conner soon lost interest and assigned Imogen indefinitely to the kitchen. Despite this, the other servants mistreat Imogen, and other servants apparently, every time she is singled out or favored by those they serve.

The False PrinceEdit

Imogen catches Sage's eye while serving them during their first dinner at Farthenwood. She ignores him when Sage tries to talk to her, but is hurt by other servants when they notice the attention he is giving her.

Eventually, both bond, with Sage doing all the talking as Imogen listened. When Sage was tortured, however, Imogen finally revealed that she could in fact speak and begun helping him.

Once Sage was crowned king, he promoted her deceased father into a nobleman, which made her a lady of the court.

The Runaway KingEdit

!Spoiler Alert!

After reciving threats from Avenia, Jaron sends off Imogen (who had been working as a servent) away for her protection. In case anyone knew of his feelings for her. The princess, after finding out, sends Imogen to the pirates knowing of Jarons plans.

She works as the kitchen girl for the pirates and refuses to speak with Jaron at first, she speaks with Fink who questions what Jaron had done to her. Jaron later explains why he sent her away and she forgives him and soon begins to help.

After a failed escape, Imgone returns to the camp to save Jaron who had revealed himself as the King of Carthya. She is captured and threatened to be whipped, Jaron takes her place instead.

In the garden she had spent her free time planting, Jaron was able to find food to help him recover. And is able to deafet Roden. She tends to his wounds and she explains that she could not go back with him, because of her feelings.

She doesn't go with him and instead tells him to learn to love the Princess instead.


She is said to have long brown hair and tea-colored eyes. She wore her hair in a single braid as a servant, and down her back in Drylliad.


"The people love her, Jaron, and they should. Choose me, and you would lose your people," -Imogen to Jaron about Amarinda in The Runaway King

Relationships Edit

King Jaron Eckbert III Edit

Imogen is good friends with Jaron. Imogen met him at Farthenwood in The False Prince. She and Jaron had a special relationship, Jaron protecting her whenever someone hurt her, and her revealing to him that she could talk. Jaron brought her to Drylliad and made her dead father a nobleman, making Imogen a nobleman's daughter. In The Runaway King, she gets sent away so Jaron could protect her, but she instead went to work as a serving girl, and to keep watch of Jaron. Imogen was devastated when Jaron sent her away from the pirates, terrified that the pirates would hurt or kill him. At the end of the book, Imogen gets kidnapped by King Vargan.

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